Aveloy DotRefiner - Changelog

09-02-2018 Version 0.8.7

  • Bugfixes

11-08-2016 Version 0.8.5

  • GUI added
  • Settings system is improved (warning: breaking changes)
  • Miscellaneous bugs are fixed

12-07-2016 Version 0.8

  • Added obfuscated stack trace decoding functionality
  • Added sample projects
  • Added a warning when settings override doesn't match any items in the input files
  • New obfuscation feature - remove assembly info section (product name, original file name, etc)
  • Added automatic update checking
  • Diagnostic log is improved
  • Name maps generation is improved
  • Settings system is improved (warning: breaking changes)
  • Several bugs are fixed

27-07-2014 Version 0.7

  • Obfuscation of method parameter names
  • Obfuscation of generic parameter names
  • Sign assemblies after obfuscation
  • Inject SuppressIldasmAttribute into output assemblies
  • Constants encryption
  • Obfuscation of virtual method names (when possible)

20-04-2014 Version 0.6

  • Obfuscation of type names
  • Obfuscation of method names
  • Obfuscation of field names
  • Obfuscation of public names (types, methods, fields) - when possible
  • Namespaces removal
  • Property definitions removal
  • Event definitions removal
  • Obfuscation of assembly file names
  • Fine-grained obfuscation settings system
  • Options to preserve names (by exact name match or regex)
  • Name map
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