Aveloy DotRefiner - Free .NET Obfuscator

Why obfuscate your code

The goal of obfuscation is to make reverse engineering and/or cloning your application more complicated. Ideally, it should make cost of reverse engineering your application comparable to cost of developing similar application from scratch, thus making stealing your code and cloning your application worthless. As an additional benefit, obfuscation can make size of your binary files smaller and performance slightly higher.

DotRefiner key features

  • Obfuscates names of types and all their members
  • Strips out namespaces
  • Strips out assembly info
  • Supports obfuscating complex hierarchies of shared libraries
  • Flexible obfuscation settings
  • Supports Microsoft .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono


  • Obfuscation with incorrect parameters can break your code in many subtle ways. Run all your integration tests after obfuscation.
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